This release tracks the Framework release 3.1.6 and fixes some module bugs. The highlights are:

  • Addition of five new modules:
  • Several fixes to usability issues with advanced workflow module.
  • Additional support for active disaster recovery server configurations. When servers are arranged with multiple physical nodes in different geographic locations, user traffic may not always be served by the same one. Additional functionality is provided by the hybrid sessions module to ensure that all user session data is accessible from any location, and without interruption to those browsing or using the site.
  • Support for atom feeds.
  • Additional CMS reports, such as the external links report which detects broken links in pages, and the summary statistics report which gives an overview of the number of pages and files in a site.
  • Improved and extended documentation for subsites and userforms modules.

Please see the changelogs for these following releases for the list of core changes since recipe 1.0.3



  • [CWPBUG-123] - TreeMultiSelectField reports console error in advancedworkflow
  • [CWPBUG-163]/[PLAT-106] - Page filtering - different results in tree and filter view
  • [CWPBUG-165] - Addition of "Delete Workflow" CMS Permission for advancedworkflow module
  • [CWPBUG-166] - Users unable to select GridField "edit" icon in advancedworkflow module
  • [CWPBUG-167] - Draft content entered into a workflow does not show in "Pending Items" in advancedworkflow module
  • [CWPBUG-168] - Cannot change embargo date when one is already scheduled in advancedworkflow module
  • [CWPBUG-172] - tinymce config in cwp-core allows <img> with onmouseover attribute
  • [CWPBUG-176] - Security: XSS vulnerability in Iframe page
  • [CWPBUG-177] - Ensure that past dates for embargo / expiry are handled elegantly (advanced workflow)
  • [CWPBUG-178] - Page filters are not working as expected
  • [CWPBUG-179] - Security: XSS can be injected in the group edit view (subsites)
  • [PLAT-104] - Embargo dates have issues if they pass while workflow is still being actioned
  • [PLAT-128] - Publish time - Not able to choose "Now"
  • [PLAT-138] - Removal of redundant Folder-subsite permission not used in Subsites

Features and documentation

  • [CWPBUG-159] - Additional CMS report for number of CMS pages
  • [CWPBUG-180] - Changing to a more granular permission model (advanced workflow)
  • [PLAT-53] - CMS content editors can see the most recently used folder again for subsequent uploads.
  • [PLAT-59] - CMS content reviewers can see when external links are broken
  • [PLAT-60] - Userform editors can choose where file uploads in a userform go
  • [PLAT-61] - CMS content editors can add links to anchors on other pages
  • [PLAT-62] - CMS content editors can spell check their content
  • [PLAT-63] - CMS content editors can only see some page types & templates for some sub-sites
  • [PLAT-64] - CMS content editors can see 2-step workflow available as default
  • [PLAT-65] - ATOM formatted feeds are available for configured sites
  • [PLAT-100] - More documentation on subsite architecture

Accepted failing tests


  • CMSProfileControllerTest.testMemberCantEditAnother — Problem with Requirements combining the same file twice, non-critical Framework issue.
  • UploadTest.testUploadTarGzFileTwiceAppendsNumber — This test is now expected to fail as the new MimeValidator module will no longer allow random content to be uploaded with a mismatched mime and file extension. The original test is attempting to upload a bunch of text as a gzip file.
  • i18nTextCollectorTest.testCollectFromThemesTemplates — Caused by global state, passes locally when the test is run individually.


  • CMSMainTest.testCreationOfTopLevelPage — Problem with Requirements combining the same file twice. Non-critical Framework issue.
  • ErrorPageTest.testBehaviourOf403 - Caused by global state, passes locally when run individually or as a part of all cms tests.


  • QueuedJobsTest.testStartJob — Caused by global state, passes locally when the test is run individually.
  • QueuedJobsTest.testImmediateQueuedJob — Caused by global state, passes locally when run either individually or as a part of all queuedjobs tests.


  • VersionFeedFunctionalTest.testFeedViewability — Caused by global state, tests are passing locally, in travis, and via manual testing. Unable to reproduce error.

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