This how-to will show you how to share a repository with other Gitlab users. This could be used for etiher collaborative development, or simply sharing files.

Allow others to view your repositories

You can add any user of the Gitlab site to one of your repositories.

If you simply want to share some files, you could create a new repository for these files (note that changes to locked repositories by third parties require merge requests).

Locate the repository that contains the files you wish to share and go to the Team tab.

There are 2 options available to handle permissions:

Team Memberships

  1. Import Members
    • This will allow you to import the team permissions from another project you have created. Team Memberships
    • From the Project Access drop down box select the project to copy the permissions from.
  2. Add Members
    • This will allow you to assign permissions to the repository to another Gitlab user Team Memberships
    • Either type the name of the user or select from the drop down box.
    • Select the access level required:
      1. Guest
        • Create new issue
        • Leave comments
        • Write on project wall
      2. Reporter (Guest plus)
        • Pull project code
        • Download project
        • Create a code snippet
      3. Developer (Reporter plus)
        • Create new merge request
        • Create new branches
        • Push to non-protected branches
        • Remove non-protected branches
        • Add tags
        • Write a wiki
      4. Master (Developer plus)
        • Add new team members
        • Push to protected branches
        • Remove protected branches
        • Push with force option
        • Edit project
        • Add Deploy Keys to project
        • Configure Project Hooks

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