Default CWP search index

By default, a standard search index CWP\Search\Solr\CwpSolrIndex is included in the CWP search recipe. This includes basic configuration necessary for searching pages.

This document aims to describe the CWP-specific configuration. More options on how to configure indexes are described in main fulltextsearch module documentation.

namespace CWP\Search\Solr;

use CWP\Search\CwpSearchIndex;
use SilverStripe\CMS\Model\SiteTree;

class CwpSolrIndex extends CwpSearchIndex
    public function init()

        // By default, we only add text fields that are 'visible' to users (where the content is directly visible on 
        // the website), along with the 'meta' fields that are commonly used to boost / refine search results

        // Adds 'ShowInSearch' boolean field to Solr document so we can later ensure that only documents included in 
        // search are returned by Solr.


This index extends the core CWP\Search\CwpSearchIndex abstract class, which includes additional functionality specific to CWP. Please note that if you want to index other database fields or need to create a custom index, it is necessary to extend this base class (CWP\Search\CwpSearchIndex) in order to use much of the functionality detailed in this section (e.g. spell checking).

Note: The line $this->addFilterField('ShowInSearch'); is a standard requirement for all CWP recipe versions, and will need to be added to any custom indexes created.

If you are using cwp recipe 1.1.0 or below please refer to version 1.1 and before documentation archive for the index code

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