The subsites module provides a convenient way of running multiple websites from a single installation of SilverStripe, sharing users, content, and assets between them - the sites will be managed from a single CMS.

For more information about the subsites module go to the github repository and go to user documentation for more information about setting up a subsite in the CMS.

This module was provided by default in the CWP basic recipe in versions prior to 2.6.0. From this version onwards, you need to install it manually:

composer require silverstripe/subsites ^2.3

To learn how to set up a subsite in the CMS, visit the user documentation.

There is a good overview to get you familiarised with the module and if you wish to extend the existing subsites architecture then there is some technical documentation to get you started.

Go live

See DNS/Go-live for more information about setting up your DNS configuration for subsites.

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