Content review in the CWP basic recipe is implemented using:

  • silverstripe/contentreview - provides the main functionality for the feature.
  • silverstripe/sitewidecontent-report - provides an extension and report to show the review status of all content (including across subsites, if installed).
  • silverstripe/queuedjobs - handles sending of reminder emails for content review at regular intervals. Both modules are pre-configured to apply a series of DataExtension classes so no additional configuration is required to enable once installed.

Sending of content review reminder emails

In order to send reminder emails on CWP you must use the silverstripe/queuedjobs module.

This is installed by default when using the CWP search recipe codebase (if you have used this), otherwise you'll need to ensure you have installed.

Queuedjobs will then send content review reminder emails (if any) daily at 9am.

Customising the content review report columns

The silverstripe/sitewidecontent-report module when used alongside the silverstripe/contentreview module automatically applies an extension to the SitewideContentReview report. This adds the required columns to display the review status of content.

You can add further custom columns to this report depending on the projects needs (see site wide content report developer documentation).

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