This documentation covers specific information regarding how to work with SilverStripe CMS code when deployed on the Common Web Platform infrastructure.

This codebase is referred to as the CWP Recipe and is made up of your own custom developed code alongside:

  • SilverStripe CMS (open source CMS product).
  • SilverStripe commercially supported modules (which deliverers many of the default features).
  • Two CWP specific modules (cwp and cwp-core) that implement specific configuration and features related to running websites on CWP.

For general information about working with SilverStripe CMS code, please consult the Official SilverStripe CMS developer documentation. We will point developers towards the official documentation when appropriate while ensuring CWP specific development guides are maintained in this documentation.

If you are completely new to SilverStripe CMS development, then you might like to work through the online SilverStripe CMS development lessons or attend an in-person introductory workshop.

  • Getting started

    A short guide for getting a SilverStripe CMS project running on a local development environment.

  • Working with projects

    Developer guidance for working with SilverStripe CMS projects on the Common Web Platform.

  • Features of the default codebase

    Technical implementation, configuration and developer guides for each default feature of a CWP website.

  • "How to" guides

    This section contains detailed guides on how to accomplish common development tasks.

  • Releases and changelogs

    Upgrading guides, changelogs and support timeframes for each released version of the CWP recipe codebase.

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