CWP is one of several Government ICT Common Capabilities developed specifically for New Zealand Government agencies. (external link)  has a comprehensive catalogue of these all-of-government services. (external link)

This website provides information about the CWP product, and guidance for those that are using it. The about section provides general information about CWP, its benefits and information to help build a financial case. The section also explains how CWP works and how an agency selects the CWP instance size they require. The features section explains the capabilities of the SilverStripe CMS and the features included in a default CWP website. The features section also explains CWP services and provides some technical information about CWP. The guides section has information about how CWP operates, including requesting a new instance and CWP roles and responsibilities. It also has guides for using the CMS, and developing CWP websites.

CWP was launched on 16 September 2013. Read the press release from Internal Affairs Minister Chris Tremain. (external link) CWP is part of the Government ICT Strategy and Action Plan to 2017, which is available at: (external link)

If you are interested in how CWP is progressing, the DIA product manager is publishing blog posts on the Web Toolkit (external link) . For agency staff there is also a CWP discussion forum in Yammer (external link) in the GovtWeb group. If you aren't a member of the GovtWeb group, email For developers there is a CWP community forum (external link) setup to discuss the SilverStripe open source code used on the Platform. It's an open space for developers to share ideas and help each other.

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