What is happening?

We're launching the new Service Desk starting at 19:00 on Friday 19 February 2021.

As part of our commitment to improving customer service and security, Silverstripe is improving the way it manages your support tickets.

To achieve this, we'll be changing the software solution that we use to manage your support tickets. It gives us the opportunity to provide you with a completely overhauled (and much more user-friendly!) interface for logging and managing your support tickets.  Here is some more information about the changes to the CWP interface experience.  

Notable changes to the CWP interface experience

cwp.govt.nz login user flow has changed

The button to log into CWP Service Desk on cwp.govt.nz has been replaced by a “Log in to CWP” button. Instead of being directed to “Mysites” you will now be directed to your main CWP dashboard interface. The CWP dashboard uses the domain dash.cwp.govt.nz(external link)

Access to the new CWP Service Desk

The link to access the Service Desk now lives in the left hand side menu which is visible once logged in. You can also navigate directly to the new CWP Service Desk by using the domain servicedesk.cwp.govt.nz.(external link)

Totally new interface

You’ll notice the Service Desk has had a complete makeover and offers a few new niceties like search over help articles, an online Service Catalogue from which you can request items, and a new service Desk ticket experience.

Making service desk requests and tickets

The new Service Desk changes the way in which you raise an incident and make a request.

  1. To request new services or a change of service you can use the CWP Service Catalogue, use the link “Request services” on the Service Desk landing page.

  2. For all incidents use the “Raise an incident” form

  3. For all other requests use the Service Catalogue General request form

Access to stack information

There are a number of ways to see all your stacks. Initially when you log in to CWP you will see the Stack Overview page, this view has Stack name/title, ID, and domain for your stacks. You can access this page at any time by clicking on the CWP logo when logged into the dashboard. You will also see your stacks listed in the left menu.

Stack configuration

For the configuration details of a stack, navigate to an environment (e.g. production) within a stack, and click “View environment details”.

Stack access and roles

The Relationship Manager(s) details can now be found on the Team page for a stack along with other roles that have access to a stack. We have also added your Account Manager to your teams page; you will see them listed with the new "Account Manager" role. This means they can continue to support you after go live, get in contact when there is an issue, help progress escalated tickets, and access the most up to date information regarding your stack.

DNS information 

This information can be found on the Domains tab for a given stack environment, additional information on how to best use this section including subdomains, Incapsula, and CNAME refer to the documentation.


The functionality to generate a report is being replaced by Metrics which is available on an environment for a stack e.g. Production. For any specific information you require which isn’t available on the Metrics tab you can enquire for it through the Service Desk.

Disaster Recovery level (Backup Only / Passive DR / Active DR)

This information can be accessed on the "CWP Configuration" tab for an environment. If no recovery options have been purchased then nothing will show. This service can be added via the Service Catalogue(external link).


Decommissioning the old service desk. As the old CWP Service Desk is being decommissioned it will no longer be visible to CWP customers. Tickets and information from the old service desk will still be on hand to the support team if requested or needed.

Information now available by request: 

  • Stack created date

  • Purchase Order / Responsibility Code

  • High-level resource usage report. Also, check out Stack/Environment Metrics for similar information

  • Agency sponsor

  • To whom invoices are sent

  • Occurrences of site outages 


An example of where announcements will be displayed on the Service Desk portal

We now have the ability to quickly post announcements on the Service Desk homepage. We currently have a welcome message up, but as time goes on, we'll use this space as an additional place to notify you of Incidents or other relevant messages. You will also be able to see previous announcements through the grey dropdown box.

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