What is happening? 

We're launching the new Service Desk starting at 19:00 on Friday 19 February 2021. 

As part of our commitment to improving customer service and security, Silverstripe is improving the way it manages your support tickets. 

To achieve this, we'll be changing the software solution that we use to manage your support tickets. It gives us the opportunity to provide you with a completely overhauled (and much more user-friendly!) interface for logging and managing your support tickets.

When is this happening?

We'll be launching the new Service Desk starting at 19:00 on Friday 19 February 2021, completing work no later than 08:30 on Monday 22 February. During this time, you'll be unable to log new support tickets with the Service Desk. This Change Window gives us maximum time to rollback with minimal disruption to your website, should anything happen.

If you have an urgent incident during that evening, please ring (04) 974 6804; this change does not impact our 24/7 support.

Don’t worry, we'll remind you again a few days beforehand and on the Friday too!

Why are we doing this?

These changes include a modern interface located directly where you manage your stacks, making it easier to log and review your tickets as well as providing improved security and increased reliability. We're also working behind the scenes to implement more automation to make it not only easier for you to make a request, but to make sure we get the right information at the beginning so that we can get to work on your tickets faster.

This change is an initial part of a programme to improve your experience engaging with the Service Desk. Based on your feedback and our internal assessments, the original tool used to manage support tickets is not fit for purpose, so we're replacing the underlying system with an ISO and SOC 2 accredited cloud-based solution to improve your user experience as well as your security and your protection.

We know you might have some questions about the changes, so we've tried to answer them for you below.

Frequently asked questions:

What do I need to do?

If you can log in to the CWP Portal, nothing! You'll automatically be able to access the new system through the Service Desk links on the CWP Portal and when accessing your stack(s).

I've forgotten my CWP login details. What should I do?

Your username is your email address. If you've forgotten your password, go to the CWP login page and click on the “I’ve lost my password” link to reset it.

I don't think I have an account; what should I do?

If you don’t think you have an account, please talk to your Stack Manager as they manage all access to CWP. For security purposes, Silverstripe cannot grant access to any stacks without Stack Manager approval, nor can we release the names of the Stack Managers.

How do I log tickets?

Up until we go live with the new system, there are no changes to how you log tickets.
Once we've gone live, go to Service Desk > Submit a ticket. From there, you can select the type of ticket you wish to raise; please fill out the form with all information relevant to your ticket. We'll send out more specifics closer to the time of go-live.

Will I be able to receive ticket updates via email?

Yes! Once the ticket has been logged, you'll still receive your usual email notifications around ticket activity and can reply to the emails from the Service Desk to update your tickets. However, if you email the Service Desk directly without a ticket already being logged, the system will reject it and send you a notification.

Can I log tickets over the phone?

If you wish to discuss a ticket with us (especially if it is a P1 or P2!), please raise it as outlined above, then give us a ring and quote the ticket number when you call. This will make it faster and easier for us to assist you.

What happens with the tickets I already have open?

We'll be migrating all open tickets to the new system and will send you an email with the new ticket number and link. You'll be able to see all your old comments, so we can just pick up the conversation from there.

What will happen to my closed tickets?​

Unfortunately, we're unable to migrate historical tickets over to the new system. However, we'll still retain this information as a database for future reference and as a backup, in accordance with the Public Records Act. This means if there's a ticket you'd like to refer back to, we can still find it.

How do I view all my tickets?

In our old system, all users had read-only access to see tickets that other users on their stacks had raised. As users were unable to comment or manage tickets that they didn't raise themselves, it made it especially difficult to see what was going on when the initial requester was away on leave or had left the organisation.

Our new system now allows you to have read-and-write access to all tickets across your organisation regardless of your stack membership. This allows you to have more people across tickets to act as a backup when you need it

However, because this is an elevated form of access compared to what was available previously, we are unable to grant it to all users by default. If you wish to be able to see and edit all tickets across your organisation, regardless of who raised them, please ask your Stack Manager to fill out this request form to provide you with this level of access(external link).

There are some restrictions you need to be aware of:

  • Only Stack Managers can make this request on behalf of non-Stack Managers due to the level of access being granted.
  • Only users with email address domains belonging to the organisation can be granted this access (no personal or third-party email accounts).
  • Only users who have access to your stack (Team Member role or above) can be granted this access.

Are there any changes to how I raise a Ticket?

We've tidied up the form options that you can choose from to raise tickets. You can find the standard forms for various services (i.e. new stacks, deleting stacks, etc.) within our new online Service Catalogue. Just click the button that says "Request services" to take you there.

If something is broken or just isn't working quite right, please raise an Incident with us so that we know you're having trouble.

If you have a question or aren't sure what to do, you can always submit a "General request". Just remember, if something is broken, raise an Incident!

What do I do if I'm redirected to the wrong domain?

We've noticed an intermittent issue where sometimes, the URLs that are sent on tickets are generated with the wrong domain information. This means when you click it, you are taken to a login screen for another Silverstripe product (Silverstripe Cloud) and cannot log in.

We have raised this with our provider and are working with them to resolve it. In the meantime, if you receive a URL that has servicedesk.silverstripe.cloud in it, just replace that part of the address with servicedesk.cwp.govt.nz instead.

For example, if you see https://servicedesk.silverstripe.cloud/support/tickets/1234567890, your link is actually https://servicedesk.cwp.govt.nz/support/tickets/1234567890

What if I have further questions?

If you have any questions, please raise a ticket with the Service Desk and we will get back to you! If you are unable to raise a ticket and have tried everything else, you can give us a call during business hours (09:00-17:00 NZST) at (04) 947-6804.

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