Once a quarter, a new version of the CWP CMS software 'recipe' is released. These recipe releases are specifically designed to work with the CWP infrastructure only available to participating agencies. This recipe will include any new features and enhancements along with important security and bug fixes. It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest release as soon as possible.

CWP recipe support timeline and Silverstripe CMS compatibility

Each CWP recipe is supported by Silverstripe for 18 months following its release until the end of the CWP contract. CWP recipes correspond with Silverstripe CMS releases. These releases have different support timelines. Refer to silverstripe.org/software/roadmap(external link) for support timelines when using the Silverstripe CMS outside of CWP recipe releases.

For more information on the CWP recipe process, refer to Recipes and supported modules.


CWP support timeline 

* Subsequent releases may be created to facilitate security and critical fixes. Refer to the Releases and changelogs table for support dates
¹ New features, APIs and enhancements to be applied in the next release 
² Critical bugfixes and critical security fixes

Refer to silverstripe.org(external link) for more information about Silverstripe CMS version support timelines

Recipe Support Timetable

1.7 11/06/2019
1.8 12/09/2019
1.9* 16/09/2021 - unless a 1.10 release is required before this date. See note (*) above
2.0 26/01/2020
2.1 12/06/2020
2.2 11/12/2020
2.3 12/03/2021
2.4 19/06/2021
2.5 16/09/2021
2.6 16/09/2021
2.7 Current

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