Training is available to agencies and suppliers, to quickly get people building and maintaining websites on the Common Web Platform (CWP).

Training is delivered by SilverStripe Ltd; see their website for dates and costs(external link).

Content editor training

SilverStripe Ltd. provides Content Management System (CMS) training for editors and administrators using the New Zealand Government Common Web Platform. If you seek training for a website that has been modified from the standard CWP install, or seek training for a SilverStripe CMS website not running on the platform, please get in touch to discuss options. Content editor training is a 3 hour course, designed to give non-technical communications and business staff the general skills to effectively use the SilverStripe CMS for publishing agency websites. Courses focus on either content editing or administration tasks based on learning requirements.

Learn more and make a booking for content editor training(external link)

Developer training

SilverStripe Ltd. offer two developer courses covering SilverStripe CMS basics (suitable for those new to developing websites with SilverStripe CMS) and a specific CWP developer workshop for those already familiar with SIlverStripe CMS.

SilverStripe developer "Jumpstart" course

SilverStripe Jumpstart is a 1 day introductory course designed to introduce web developers to the basic concepts of working with SilverStripe CMS. This includes setting up a development environment, installing SilverStripe and modules from composer, creating behaviour driven page types and templates, customising the CMS user interface, building forms and working with data driven content. Jumpstart will highlight best practices, arm the developer with a useful vocabulary and provide a solid knowledge base to aid further learning about SilverStripe CMS and Framework.

Learn more and make a booking for Jumpstart(external link)

CWP developer workshop

Want to gain a good grasp of developing SilverStripe CMS websites for the New Zealand Government Common Web Platform (CWP)? Attend this half-day workshop for developers already familiar with creating websites using SilverStripe CMS. You'll learn about the infrastrucutre, roles, development workflow and deployments for launching successful CWP projects. Developers unfamiliar with SilverStripe CMS development should first attend the SilverStripe JumpStart(external link) introductory course.

Learn more and make a booking for CWP Workshop(external link)

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