PHP is the open source programming language that forms the backbone of SilverStripe. 

PHP 7 Support

Support for PHP 7.4, the latest version of PHP, was introduced with the SilverStripe stable releases of:

  • CMS 3.7.5, used in CWP recipe 1.9.4;
  • CMS 4.6.0, used in CWP recipe 2.6.0

The active support and security support of PHP 7.3 and above is supported until and exceeding the end of the CWP contract (see the official PHP documentation(external link)).

CWP environments can be upgraded to run PHP 7.4 via a request to the Service Desk. All new environments will be set up to run PHP 7.3 by default.

If you're on Framework version 3.7.5 (CWP 1.9.4) or higher

Great! You’re already to upgrade your existing stack to PHP 7.4.

The CWP team will first upgrade your UAT servers running CWP recipe 1.9.4 and above to PHP 7.4. We will notify your Stack Manager and Deployer a week in advance of this occurring along with a date that production will be upgraded. This will provide you with a preview window for testing your site.

What do I need to do?

  • Following you requesting a PHP upgrade via the CWP Service Desk, the PHP 7.4 upgrade to UAT will be scheduled with your Stack Manager
  • Following the PHP 7.4 upgrade in UAT, please test that your site(s) works
  • Wait for your production update to be completed
  • Please contact us at the CWP helpdesk if there are any issues

What else can I do to prepare for this upgrade?

You can choose to enlist a developer to test your application with PHP 7.4 locally.

Even though SilverStripe CMS supports PHP 7.4, any third-party modules or custom code you use for your website may need to be checked for PHP 7.4 compatibility. To make sure all of your third-party modules and custom code is up to speed, you can get your developer to check your codebase before Production is upgraded to PHP 7.4.

If you are currently using the Active Directory module built by SilverStripe, you will not be able to upgrade beyond PHP 7.1 at this time as this module uses a library that is not compatible with PHP 7.3. Please get in touch with the Service Desk if this is blocking your PHP upgrade.

If you're on Framework version 3.7.3 (CWP 1.9.3) or lower

The best way to maintain the performance and security of your instance(s) is to upgrade your CWP recipe to version 1.9.4 or higher as soon as possible and plan an upgrade to at least PHP 7.3 before the extended support for PHP 7.2 ends in November 2020.

Please contact us when you are up to date and we can schedule in the PHP Upgrade.
Although PHP 7.3 is supported on CWP version 1.9.3 and above, we suggest considering an upgrade to the most current CWP version 2.x as this version has several new features such as:

  • A modern and responsive user interface
  • Better versioning and asset handling
  • Flexible content and data architecture
  • Content blocks and updated themes
  • New recipe structure
  • Active development and full support

Consider upgrading CWP to take advantage of these performance improvements for your CWP project. Download the free Upgrading to CWP 2.0 guide, including a handy 8-step checklist to get you started on your upgrading journey.


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