If you would like to provide SSL support to your site (custom certificate), here's how you do it:

  1. Obtain a certificate for your domain. You can either use your existing certificate, or purchase a new certificate. If you are purchasing a new certificate, make sure it is SHA-2.
  2. Attach your password-protected(external link) certificate, in a general support request. We will ask for the password via another method, e.g. SMS.
  3. We will install the certificate for your stack.

If you would rather have us take care of the SSL, we can purchase a certificate on your behalf, additional costs will apply.

Note: generally we can only support one domain name with SSL per instance. If you would like a different configuration, please contact us and we will discuss your options.

Support for SSL certificates with additional hostnames and SubSites:

Each Incapsula site will only allow one SSL certificate, as such please ensure the certificate you purchase covers all necessary domains, this could be with a wildcard or SAN certificate.

If you wish to have multiple SSL certificates work within the same stack, you will require an Incapsula Premium account.


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