You can change an stack's size and options at any time, to reflect changing business needs and website traffic patterns.

To request a change, log into the service desk and complete the Alter Stack Size or Disaster Recovery Level form. SilverStripe will then contact your Stack Manager to approve the request, and agree a suitable time to carry out the change. 

This will change the monthly fee for the Stack, and a setup/change fee will also apply.

Stacks have three sizes (Small, Medium, Large) and three Disaster Recovery (DR) levels (Backup only, Passive DR, and Active DR). Custom options can be agreed. See Selecting the size of the Common Web Platform Stack for your websites for further details.

Changing a stack involves the web server being manually rebooted, which leads to a few minutes downtime. Additionally, SilverStripe need to work behind the scenes with Revera to perform the change; in normal circumstances a lead time of one to two business days is desired.

Removing a stack

To request removal, log into the Service Desk and complete the Delete Stack form. SilverStripe will then contact the Instance Manager to approve the request.

Your monthly fees will stop being charged from the day the Stack has been removed.

 If you want your website to be harvested and preserved by the National Digital Heritage Archive team, contact Read general guidance on decommissioning websites(external link) on the Archives New Zealand website.


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