The Common Web Platform (CWP) uses an open source Content Management System (CMS) product called SilverStripe CMS. It is used by agencies to update and manage their websites content.

The official SilverStripe CMS user help guide(external link) will be your main reference for using the features of SilverStripe CMS and supported modules utilised on CWP.

A default CWP website includes a number of specific features unique to websites running on CWP servers bundled in an included CWP module(external link)).

Documentation will be provided on this site for these features. See the full list of CWP specific features is listed below.

Due to SilverStripe CMS's ability to be customised to a projects needs, further documentation for additional custom features should be provided by your web development team or vendor.

CWP specific features not covered by the official SilverStripe user help guide:

Using the home page carousel

Adding quick links to the home page

Adding content to featured sections on the home page

Adding an event calendar

Adding news

Adding news summary to home page

Adding a site map

Adding links to your website footer

Using advanced text editor capabilities

Related pages

Updating website logos and favicons

Adding social media links

Adding Google Analytics tracking

Import content from Microsoft Word

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