The New Zealand Government Common Web Platform (CWP) uses an open source Content Management System (CMS) called Silverstripe CMS as its preferred CMS. It is used by agencies to update and manage their websites content.

The official Silverstripe CMS User Help(external link) guides will be your main reference for using the features of Silverstripe CMS and also includes guides to many of the supported modules utilised on CWP.

A default CWP website includes a number of specific features unique to websites running on CWP servers bundled into the CWP module(external link) (more about CWP specific modules).

The CWP specific guides listed below are features which are not covered within SilverStripe User Help.

Due to Silverstripe CMS's ability to be customised to a projects needs, further documentation for additional custom features should be provided by your web development team or vendor.

CWP specific features not covered by the official Silverstripe CMS user help guide

CWP themes

Page types and page functionality

General page editing and features

Managing CWP site settings

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