This section provides an overview of the steps for working with CWP from website planning through to maintaining and upgrading a site. 

The CWP journey 

  1. Before starting
  2. Getting started 
  3. Development
  4. Going live
  5. Maintaining
  6. Upgrading


Building plans iconBefore starting

This section will give you all the necessary guidance and contact details to get your business case off the ground.

How to plan your website lifecycle

Try the CWP demo

Request a personalised demo


Add image iconGetting started

Once you've decided CWP is a good fit for your agency, you will need to request pricing and a new stack through DIA. 

Request pricing

Request a new stack

Choose optional extras


If you have just joined CWP as a Relationship Manager or Stack Manager, start by reading:

Roles and responsibilities

How to manage users with Dashboard

What to do after my stack goes live 

How to manage your stack

Code snippet iconDevelopment

Once you are ready to develop your site, we will guide you through installing the available themes and modules, and getting the training necessary to make sure the development process goes smoothly.

Training for developers and content editors

What to do after my stack goes live 


Developers and technical roles will need to know: 

How to manage your stack

How deployments are managed

The difference between UAT (testing) and live

Rocket iconGoing live

This phase prepares you for the pre-launch and the launch of your site. You can have your code reviewed and other team members trained in using the CMS – all is ready for a successful launch.

Requesting a code review

SSL Certificates

Switching from old hosting (DNS)


Cog iconMaintaining

Once your site is live you will need to maintain it to keep up-to-date with the latest software releases and security patches. You will also be able to share your code with other agencies to help improve CWP for all agencies.
If you do have an incident or issue with your site you can access the Service Desk for help. 

Patching, upgrades and change management

Release management

Sharing code

Changing or removing a stack


SilverStripe CMS version support timeline and CWP recipe compatibility

SilverStripe CMS version support and CWP recipe compatibility

Logging an issue 

To request any CWP services from SilverStripe or access your reports, you will use the online service desk. Read the service desk section for information about requests. To access the service desk, click the link at the top of the page.

Incident management procedures

Access the service desk for help


CWP 2.0 upgrading


An upgrade to CWP 2.0 unlocks a number of valuable features from SilverStripe 4(external link) and helps simplify the maintenance of your code dependencies with a more refined approach to recipes.

CWP 2.x Upgrade Guide


For more information or to begin the upgrade process, talk to your developer or preferred vendor.  

Web Services Panel

SilverStripe Partners(external link)


Documentation and resources for developers

CWP 2.0 Developer Docs:

Overview of CWP 2.0 major release and upgrading(external link)

CWP Developer Docs

CWP recipe basic 2.0

Developer Docs: Upgrading to CWP 2.0


Developments with CWP 2.0 will need to reference SilverStripe 4 documentation, included below:

Developer Docs: Upgrading to SilverStripe 4(external link)

SilverStripe Upgrader Tool(external link)

SilverStripe 4 changelogs(external link)

SilverStripe Commercially Supported Module List(external link)

SilverStripe 4.X compatible modules(external link)


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