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This patch release for the Common Web Platform introduces important bug fixes to CWP modules and the underlying SilverStripe framework, and an innovative new way of managing open data on your CWP site, the CKAN Registry module.

Update March 27, 2019: Please note that this release has been superseded by a patch release outside of the regular CWP quarterly release cycle. It is recommended you review the CWP 2.2.3 release announcement if you are investigating an upgrade to CWP 2.2.2.

What’s new in CWP 2.2.2?

Upgrading to this latest patch release ensures that your site is taking full advantage of the latest bug fixes to a number of CWP modules and the SilverStripe CMS as part of the recent SilverStripe 4.3.2 patch release(external link), including notable bug fixes for the latest version of the Elemental content blocks module.

As part of this release, a new module is also now available for the CWP ecosystem, the CKAN Registry Module. We unpack the new module and provide further detail on the bug fixes below.

If you’re keen to get your upgrade underway now, we’ve also provided some next steps.

The new CKAN Registry module

Worldwide, CKAN (Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network)(external link) is quickly becoming the favourite platform for open data.

The CKAN Registry module(external link) introduces a new way of managing open data on your CWP site by displaying the information using a CKAN integration. For example, your organisation might manage geospatial data that you’d like to display publicly on your website in a map view, or you may have data that you’d like to share with your site visitors in a dashboard.

With the module installed, Content Authors can easily create 'CKAN Registry page types' that are populated with your open data that is stored centrally on link) or another CKAN service. brings together open datasets and related information for people who want to improve how they manage and use data, and a number of public sector agencies already manage their data on the platform.

Keeping your data on or another CKAN service centralises the information and removes any duplication of effort when managing the information on your public or internal site.

Out of the box, the CKAN Registry module:

  • Displays information in table format for site visitors
  • Provides functionality for Content Authors to pre-filter the information, and;
  • Create custom search and dropdown filters for site visitors

While it currently displays information in a table format, our aim is for other agencies to extend this open source module.

This work was funded through the Common Web Platform co-development pool and the developer documentation(external link) gives a breakdown of the approach taken to build the module.

Further enhancements from projects resulting in open source contributions to this module or feature-set are welcomed. Our hope is that in doing so, this presents an opportunity for increased data sharing within the New Zealand Public Sector.

Bug fixes

Upgrading to this latest patch release ensures that your CWP site is as up to date as possible.

It contains a number of bug fixes that have been implemented in CWP modules and the SilverStripe CMS since the previous quarterly release in December 2018, including notable bug fixes for the latest version of the Elemental content blocks module.

Security updates

This release also includes the security update that was recently communicated to all CWP Stack Managers for the CWP 2.2.1 release. Read more about this security release here(external link).  

For agencies looking to upgrade to CWP 2.2.1, it’s recommended that you first review the changelogs to understand if your site might be a candidate for an upgrade straight to CWP 2.2.2.

Keen to get your upgrade underway?

CWP recipes and modules follow Semantic Versioning(external link), meaning that every release should reflect non-breaking, incremental changes to your site. By building releases in this way, minor and patch upgrades are made faster and more straight forward.

Talk to your Digital Agency or Developer about upgrading to CWP 2.2.2.

Developers, head to our Docs to view the changelogs or check out the Upgrade Guide.

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