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Progress updates for Sept-Nov 17

All CWP agencies contribute towards the co-funded development pool. These hours are used for new features, enhancements and improvements to CWP. 

What we’re working on

In the August voting the following items were added to the co-funded development pool backlog:

  • CWP SilverStripe 4 software upgrade

  • CWP SilverStripe 4 infrastructure upgrade

  • Content blocks module (new CMS feature)

  • Helpdesk upgrade - cloud risk assessment

  • Helpdesk upgrade - implementation

For more details on this items please read:

Co-funded items confirmed for Sept-Dec 2017

SilverStripe 4 CWP recipe release (Beta expected Dec 2017)

SilverStripe 4 is moving towards stable, and the modules for the CWP recipe are being upgraded to ensure that NZ government agencies can benefit from this new major release of the SilverStripe CMS.

The SilverStripe team has shared this tracking spreadsheet so you can see the progress broken down by module: 


Currently 23 of 40 commercially supported modules have been upgraded.

All code is being released as open source on GitHub, making upgraded modules available for the community to start using as well as offering feedback prior to the official recipe release. As part of this work, all CWP code will be moved to GitHub to ensure it’s easy to find and use, this change is outlined in more detail:

CWP code repositories moving to GitHub

For more information on getting your sites ready for SilverStripe 4 please read:

Upgrading to SilverStripe 4


Progress update - Content blocks module (expected end of October)  

Work on the community module Elemental by DNA Design is now halfway completed with a further 1-2 sprints (of 2 weeks each) expected. It is estimated that this module will be ready for open source use from the end of October 2017, and as part of the CWP recipe beta recipe expected early December.

You can take a sneak peek at the module’s UX/designs on Invision:

Content blocks sneak peak(external link)

Screenshot of SilverStripe CMS using content blocks

A look at the new CMS editing layout with content blocks

For more information on how content blocks will improve SilverStripe CMS please read:

Don’t reinvent the block - announcing a SilverStripe supported block module(external link)


What would you like next?

Voting for new items to be completed under co-funded development happens in the last week of November. You can submit your items to be voted on by 3rd November 2017.

New items are logged in the CWP workspace, in the library ‘Items for the backlog’. Items must be logged by an agency instance manager or relationship manager, to confirm that the agency wants the pool time to be allocated. Development and content staff need to liaise with their website’s instance manager to log items.

If you have any questions about logging new co-funded development pool items please contact Paul Murray, Marketplace Implementation Manager.

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