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Introducing Wātea Plus for CWP 2.x

by James Ford

The release of CWP 2.2 will include a new version of the Wātea theme which allows agencies to easily customise their site’s appearance. Say hello to Wātea Plus.

CWP Meetup—What it means to upgrade

by Olivia Haslemore

At the latest CWP Meetup, we looked at the progress made since the release of CWP 2.0, demonstrating the benefits of the upgrade for government agencies.

census case study

Census 2018 Case Study

by Olivia Haslemore

SilverStripe and Stats NZ teamed up to deliver New Zealand's first digitally led census in 2018 on the New Zealand Government Common Web Platform.

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PHP 7.1 upgrade – PHP 5.6 is going end of life

by Kamala Hamilton-Brown

From 31 December 2018, PHP 5.6 is going into end of life support and will stop receiving security updates from the PHP community. Read on to learn more.

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CWP New Releases

by Bryn Whyman

We've just released the last minor release for CWP 1 and the first minor release for CWP 2, including new features, as well as important security and bug fixes.

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Let’s Encrypt Co-fund

by Kamala Hamilton-Brown

The Co-fund community last year decided to vote in the proposal to automate SSL certificates. Now, we're pleased to offer free Let’s Encrypt certificates.

CWP 2.0 highlights and upgrade tips

by Aidan Forrest

To recap, the highly anticipated first major update of the Common Web Platform (CWP 2.0) marks an exciting leap forward for content editors and technical teams.

CWP 2.0 and Upgrading

by Dylan Wagstaff

With CWP 2.0 now released and ready for agencies to begin upgrades, here are a few upgrading tips for you to pass on to your development teams.

Introducing CWP 2.0

by Dylan Wagstaff

We’re proud to announce the first major release for the Common Web Platform since its inception in 2013: CWP Version 2.0.

Automating SSL Certification on CWP

by Kamala Hamilton-Brown

Voted in as part of co-fund, we're moving towards automating the in creation and updating of SSL certificates.

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