News in November 2017

CWP news meet team

Meet the team

by Claire Hodds

This month we are happy to introduce two new faces to the CWP team; Kayleigh Shepherd as the Product Manager for CWP and Benn Crawford at SilverStripe.

CWP news lockedout

Help! I'm locked out

by Kamala Hamilton-Brown

If you’ve experienced being accidentally locked out of a CMS, then you’ll really appreciate this new feature on the CWP dashboard

SilverStripe 4 Release

by Andrew Underwood

SilverStripe 4 is now stable. See what's new with SilverStripe 4 and what this means for CWP agencies.

CWPNews Content

The future of government content syndication?

by Nicole Williams

How we distribute and consume content is changing, fast. Let's look at how the CWP community can see this change coming and be prepared for the future.

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