The Lead Agency Agreement for the Common Web Platform (CWP) expires on 16 September 2021. Silverstripe will be providing a continuation of service, innovation, and support for CWP participating agencies beyond this date.

What you need to know

The Lead Agency Agreement for the Common Web Platform (CWP) expires on 16 September 2021, from which point agencies will be able to consume web-managed services through the Government Marketplace(external link)

To provide surety and continuity of service for CWP participating agencies, Silverstripe will be providing a continuation of service, innovation, and support beyond September 2021.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: What will happen to CWP until September 2021?

It is business as usual. Until the existing Lead Agency Agreement ends on 16 September 2021, Silverstripe and DIA will continue to develop and improve CWP, aligned to a shared roadmap that is co-developed with DIA and participating agencies.

Q: What will happen to my CWP website from September 2021?

We are fully committed to delivering the leading CMS and full-service hosting platforms, designed to serve the evolving needs of New Zealand Public Sector agencies. From 16 September 2021 onwards, we will continue to achieve this through a comparable service on a Silverstripe-led platform through the Government Marketplace.

Q: How long is CWP supported for?

For more information on CWP recipe versions and support timelines, refer to CWP Recipe Support Timeline.

Q: How are DIA and Silverstripe preparing for the future now?

Based on the co-design work with agencies and suppliers in 2018/19, the GCDO have created an All of Government Digital Experience Services Strategic Framework. For more information, contact Dave Jackman:

With this framework established, we have a clear vision for the future of Silverstripe’s products and services, and how we can help Government transform the way it delivers digital experiences and services to New Zealanders.

We will continue supporting agencies in their mission to place people at the centre of digital services delivery, capitalising on our significant expertise in creating stable, high-performing websites for the New Zealand Public Sector, and the digital ecosystem surrounding them. These products and services will become available through the Government Marketplace in the near future.

Q: What’s the difference between CWP’s current state and the likely future state?

The two diagrams below show CWP’s current state and the likely future state, post-CWP. 

Service Composition – Current state

CWP Service Composition – current state

CWP Service Composition – current state

Likely Future state (post-2020)

Underpinning and fundamental to CWP is Silverstripe. We have committed to supporting the GCDO in the delivery of post-CWP solutions and will continue to provide world-class digital services to Government agencies. We were actively involved in the co-design process with the GCDO and are now finalising our approach to supporting CWP agencies post-CWP.

In the interim, you can be confident that your investment in CWP and service continuity beyond 2021 are assured by Silverstripe’s commitment to maintaining a functionally equivalent offering.

The future state will involve Silverstripe taking on additional responsibilities to ensure that CWP clients retain their existing functionality, performance, and security, with no impact on pricing and only a minimal transition cost.

A future state involving Silverstripe might look like this: 

Possible CWP future state

Possible CWP future state

Q: How can my agency on CWP prepare for post-2021?

Now may be an opportune time to assess and plan your agency’s digital roadmap for the coming years. While you can be assured that your investment in CWP is secure well into the future, this could present an opportunity to review your agency’s digital assets and develop plans to scale, rebuild, or consolidate services.

If you have not already, we recommend upgrading to CWP 2.x as soon as is practical. Silverstripe will be able to transition agencies on CWP 2.x to a future state with minimal effort, providing continuous support post-2021. 

However, if your agency is currently not in a position to conduct an upgrade, Silverstripe will still support agencies continuing with a Silverstripe-led platform option. We can also provide guidance on how best to invest in your future digital strategy. 

Have you got questions? 

Please get in touch. We’re happy to answer questions about any of the above.

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