Optional extras

You can ask Silverstripe for extra services — like a code review and a warranty that your modules and extensions will be supported by new releases of the content management system (CMS). Extra services will be charged for and can be quoted on request.   

Code review

This is a general quality check of code written by your suppliers or internal teams. It’s charged as a Common Web Platform (CWP) professional service and added as a line item to your monthly invoice.

The review covers:

  • alignment with Silverstripe coding conventions

  • appropriate use of the CWP architecture and tools

  • obvious performance deficiencies

  • obvious security vulnerabilities

  • sufficient coverage of unit tests

  • sufficient user (business) and technical (developer) documentation

  • use of undesirable APIs, for example obsolete APIs or direct SQL access

  • correct use of front-end markup, for example HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • other general best practices as identified.

You can ask for:

  • emphasis on certain areas

  • certain items to be left out (for example, not reviewing front-end markup that has already been reviewed by another party).

What you’ll get

Silverstripe will give you a written report and a question and answer session.

You decide what action needs to be taken. You can ask Silverstripe to resolve issues for another charge.

Commercially supported modules

Silverstripe CMS open source modules extend SilverStripe CMS, by providing additional functionality such as blogging, user customisable forms or workflows. Commercially Supported Modules(external link) take this one step further. By having the backing Silverstripe Ltd, there is a dedicated team of developers actively maintaining these modules.

As well as having the advantages of being open source community projects, Commercially Supported Modules have:

  • Compatibility with the latest Silverstripe CMS stable release

  • Security patches applied regularly

  • Major bugs squashed quickly

  • High level of testing to ensure quality

  • User and technical documentation

By using Commercially Supported Modules, agencies and developers can build projects with confidence, knowing these modules have been tested and have the backing of Silverstripe Ltd.

'Commercially supported' does not necessarily mean we add additional features over time - rather that Silverstripe Ltd will maintain the current module.  

How CWP will improve over time.


Submitting a new commercially supported module


A new module may be accepted as Commercially Supported by Silverstripe Ltd in two ways:

  1. The module is prioritised for co-fund development by participating agencies (the module gains enough votes to be worked on with co-fund pool hours)  

  2. The agency pays to have the module Commercially Supported. This is useful when an agency has developed a module they rely on.

In both cases, Silverstripe Ltd will do a detailed review of a particular module or extension, taking the same approach as the code review. Silverstripe Ltd will quote on any work required to lift the module to the standard required to become a Commercially Supported Module. This might include improving documentation to allow other CWP agencies to more easily use or improving the security of the module to ensure it is safe for agencies to use on their own sites. Once this agreed work is completed, the module will be released as open source code and made available for all agencies to use.  

What the warranty applies to

The warranty applies to:

  • point releases (for example 3.1.0 to 3.1.1)

  • minor releases (for example 3.1.0 to 3.2.0).

It doesn’t apply to major releases (for example 3.1.0 to 4.0.0).

The warranty is given to a specific version of your code.

If you change your code

The warranty doesn’t apply and the changes would need to be retested. Retesting changed code is likely to be quick and affordable, with less work involved than the initial review.

A list of Commercially Supported Modules(external link)

Requesting services outside of the CWP agreement

You can request support from Silverstripe for other services.

Simple requests are covered by the acceptable use clause. Other tasks are charged on time and materials.

For larger tasks, the CWP Statement of Work is used to agree the cost and scope. The services are charged at the professional services rate in the CWP agreement.

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