With Silverstripe’s intuitive CMS and a flexible framework, a fully functioning Intranet can be built into any Common Web Platform website. Intranets are internal websites that facilitate employee resources, documents and knowledge sharing and are highly customisable for public sector.


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Single sign on

Sign in securely across devices

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Manage authorisation to files and folders

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File management

Upload and store any type of file

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Responsive design

Built for desktop and mobile teams

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Deep integration

Use our APIs to connect with other services

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Built-in SLAs and disaster recovery procedures

Considerations when building an intranet


A well set-up intranet helps government organisations to run smoothly and drive innovation.
Consider these factors before building your intranet:

  • Understand why and how your organisation will use an intranet
  • Structure information in a way that serves your intranet’s users best
  • Determine if a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection is required for direct access to internal systems
  • Intranets can take longer to develop than expected, especially when integration heavy
  • To deliver greater value to your users, consider adding personalisation features to your intranet
To learn more about what to consider when building an intranet, download this handy guide from Silverstripe.

Case Studies

NZ Transport Agency

The NZ Transport Agency use an intranet to tie multiple aspects of their organisation together. The intranet integrates with Facebook’s Workplace platform to allow employees regionally and nationally to join conversations within the business. Utilising single sign-on, employees can easily login to the intranet using their corporate windows account.

NZTA Intranet

Screenshot of PSI Intranet

Public Sector Intranet

The Public Sector Intranet is a centralised, safeguarded environment for the Public Sector to share knowledge and broadcast information. The intranet serves over 19,000 public sector employees and supports more than 200 publishers, making it one of the largest and most active intranets in New Zealand.

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