Software features

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Content blocks, page types, forms, and themes designed for government content.

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Templates that meet NZ government web accessibility standards.

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An easy-to-use content editor.

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User permissions you can manage.

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Publishing workflow with approval notifications. A bulk campaign publishing feature. Versioning to meet government accountability and auditing needs.

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Integrate with Google Analytics.

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Tools to classify and organise content.

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Drag and drop page hierarchy (information architecture).

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Site search with easy to manage keywords, PDF and Word content can be searchable.

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Blogs with managed feedback and spam protection that comply with the NZ Public Records Act.

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Import content from Microsoft Word or present open data (e.g. share info. from

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Integrate with other government tools like RealMe

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Service features

Disaster Recovery

CWP quickly responds and recovers to another location in New Zealand if a major disaster — like an earthquake — takes the primary data centre offline. Different recovery options are available depending on how quickly you need your website up and running.

Incident response

The CWP contract sets out the services and service levels you can expect from Silverstripe to manage your website. Your site will be supported by a 24/7 team of Silverstripe experts. 

Co-fund Development Pool

The co-funded development pool helps advance CWP and develop new features for all agencies to use. Agencies collectively decide new developments, like features, modules and themes to be created.

Frequently updated

Silverstripe releases new versions of the CWP “recipe” 4 times a year. This “recipe” includes Silverstripe CMS and the supported modules that your website will run on. Minor patches and bug fixes may be released more regularly.

Optional features and services

Optional features

Your CWP set-up can be customised with extra development environments, VPN endpoints and a WAF (Web Application Firewall) for increased security. 

Services outside CWP

You can ask Silverstripe for extra services — like a code review and a warranty that your modules and extensions will be supported by new releases of the content management system 

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