This CWP release ensures compatiblity with PHP 7.2 and newer


To upgrade, adjust your projects composer.json to reflect the new constraints:

    "require": {
        "cwp/cwp-recipe-basic": "^1.9.3@stable",
        "cwp/cwp-recipe-blog": "^1.9.3@stable",

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

This version has been released with a minor issue preventing MFA from operating in conjunction with the subsites module. Releases for both Framework and Subsites have been made since in order to rectify this, however as these were not included in the security audit for the 1.9.3 release agencies are encouraged to evaluate the decision to install these, and the impacts for them in deviating from the security audited CWP release.

In addition to following the installation steps of the MFA module, you will first need to inline the cwp/cwp-recipe-basic if it is in use.

To inline the requirements of cwp/cwp-recipe-basic you should make the following amendments to the site's composer.json:

-        "cwp/cwp-recipe-basic": "~1.9.3@stable",
+        "cwp/cwp": "1.9.3@stable",
+        "cwp/cwp-core": "1.9.3@stable",
+        "silverstripe/cms": "3.7.3@stable",
+        "silverstripe/framework": "3.7.3@stable",
+        "silverstripe/siteconfig": "3.7.3@stable",
+        "silverstripe/reports": "3.7.3@stable",
+        "symbiote/silverstripe-advancedworkflow": "4.2.0@stable",
+        "silverstripe/contentreview": "3.0.8@stable",
+        "silverstripe/documentconverter": "1.0.15@stable",
+        "silverstripe/externallinks": "1.1.0@stable",
+        "silverstripe/fulltextsearch": "2.5.0@stable",
+        "symbiote/silverstripe-gridfieldextensions": "2.1.0@stable",
+        "silverstripe/html5": "1.0.6@stable",
+        "silverstripe/iframe": "1.0.16@stable",
+        "silverstripe/mimevalidator": "1.0.12@stable",
+        "symbiote/silverstripe-multivaluefield": "3.1.1@stable",
+        "symbiote/silverstripe-queuedjobs": "3.1.3@stable",
+        "silverstripe/registry": "1.0.15@stable",
+        "silverstripe/restfulserver": "1.0.8@stable",
+        "silverstripe/secureassets": "1.2.0@stable",
+        "silverstripe/securityreport": "1.0.10@stable",
+        "silverstripe/selectupload": "1.0.7@stable",
+        "silverstripe/sharedraftcontent": "1.4.0@stable",
+        "silverstripe/sitewidecontent-report": "2.0.4@stable",
+        "undefinedoffset/sortablegridfield": "~1.0.3",
+        "silverstripe/spellcheck": "1.1.0@stable",
+        "silverstripe/subsites": "1.4.1@stable",
+        "silverstripe/taxonomy": "1.3.1@stable",
+        "silverstripe/translatable": "2.3.2@stable",
+        "silverstripe/userforms": "4.6.1@stable",
+        "symbiote/silverstripe-versionedfiles": "2.0.2@stable",
+        "silverstripe/versionfeed": "1.2.6@stable",
+        "bringyourownideas/silverstripe-maintenance": "1.1.0@stable",
+        "bringyourownideas/silverstripe-composer-update-checker": "1.1.0@stable",
+        "bringyourownideas/silverstripe-composer-security-checker": "1.1.0@stable"

Then change the requirement of silverstripe/framework to 3.7.4 and silverstripe/subsites to 1.4.2.

Change Log


  • 2019-08-22 12deace Use SS_Object for PHP 7.2 compatibility (Robbie Averill)
  • 2019-08-20 0928fda DatedUpdateHolder should use aggregated columns for better MySQL version support (Guy Marriott)
  • 2019-08-20 671e1b1 Ensure PHP 7.2+ compatibility (Guy Marriott)

Other changes

  • 2019-09-18 f23e4a1 Update development dependencies (Dylan Wagstaff)
  • 2019-09-03 384a01e DOCS correct 1.9 release description (Bryn Whyman)
  • 2019-08-22 b82dbc4 Update sortablegridfield to ~1.0 (Robbie Averill)

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