Accepted failing tests

In recipe 1.9.0 these module unit tests cause external errors, but do not represent legitimate issues in addition to errors previously detailed with 1.8.0.


  • CMSFormTest.testValidationExemptActions — Expected output modified by the starter theme

Change Log


  • 2018-04-24 e4c0f271b Ensure passwords do not get added to session on submission failure (Aaron Carlino) - See ss-2018-013

API Changes

  • 2017-12-11 0ec4b17 Delete .tx folder (Raissa North)
  • 2017-06-10 413b4936a Add extension hook to FormField::extraClass() (Damian Mooyman)
  • 2016-11-28 f16d7e183 Deprecate unused / undesirable create_new_password implementation (Damian Mooyman)

Features and Enhancements

  • 2018-06-17 6ab06cd Lazy-load spellcheck config instead of every request (Damian Mooyman)
  • 2018-06-11 e12aec8 Adding maintenance and additional composer modules (Guy)
  • 2018-06-07 2b4954035 Add better HTTP cache-control manipulation (#8086) (Daniel Hensby)
  • 2018-06-06 c639ffa9c isPopulated method to allow StringField subclasses to check existence without RAW (Aaron Carlino)
  • 2018-05-29 987798f Adding extension for relabelling filter options on report (Guy)
  • 2018-05-23 7c86995 Adding an extension for the silverstripe-maintenance "Site Summary" report to display a more appropriate version label (Guy)
  • 2018-05-07 dfdaac48 Backport versioned querystring fix (#2153) (Damian Mooyman)
  • 2018-05-07 47a9cdfd4 Backport of querystring work to 3.x (#8026) (Damian Mooyman)
  • 2017-11-30 910381633 Add php 7.2 support (Daniel Hensby)
  • 2017-11-06 2e43780a8 Add sort columns to DB index automatically (Daniel Hensby)
  • 2017-09-28 2f0a0cb63 Add (alt text) to title field for clarity (Robbie Averill)
  • 2017-09-28 67ebd5e (WorkflowService) Allow explicit passing of workflow definition to startWorkflow (Marcus Nyeholt)
  • 2017-08-28 0b34066f0 incorrect scalar types in doc blocks, add chainable returns in setters (Robbie Averill)
  • 2017-08-03 8577ad128 Added SSL support for MySQLi Connector (fixes #7242) (John)
  • 2017-08-02 2f9bfae1f Added MySQL SSL PDO Support (John)
  • 2017-07-04 b347ab86 Add version provider configuration (Robbie Averill)
  • 2017-07-04 ee4d8b4d4 Add new SilverStripeVersionProvider to provider module versions (Robbie Averill)
  • 2017-06-15 a990c99d6 suffix subfolder in silverstripe-cache with php-version (#6810) (Lukas)


  • 2018-06-19 d392ca7 Make sure setAllowMultibyte is on when looking up by URLSegment (Daniel Hensby)
  • 2018-06-19 58bd6c224 Switch to Trusty in Travis (Robbie Averill)
  • 2018-06-19 7656ced Updating spellchecker to use new HTTPCacheControl API (Guy)
  • 2018-06-12 6a6bc6d Fix invalid stage being specified for queried records (Guy)
  • 2018-06-12 73cccf9 Removing syntax error in config file (Guy)
  • 2018-06-11 07112dbb Remove blind reliance on current versioning stage being valid (Guy)
  • 2018-06-11 bea626e Fix invalid stage being specified for queried records (Damian Mooyman)
  • 2018-06-11 02cd32acb Error if invalid stage specified for get_by_stage (Damian Mooyman)
  • 2018-06-09 42e799bc4 Versioned::choose_site_stage() if no request given (Florian Thoma)
  • 2018-06-07 833db05 Fix for 3.7 compat (Damian Mooyman)
  • 2018-06-07 4a0e5b636 Fix crash on fixed_fields in default_sort (Damian Mooyman)
  • 2018-06-04 85a712e1c postgres test (Damian Mooyman)
  • 2018-06-04 41e601a03 Regression from #8009 (Daniel Hensby)
  • 2018-06-04 a20b0a4aa Remove use of deprecated each method (Daniel Hensby)
  • 2018-06-01 5b47edc broken links (#94) (Raissa North)
  • 2018-06-01 ce1db58 broken link (#92) (Raissa North)
  • 2018-06-01 1012ccb broken link (Raissa North)
  • 2018-06-01 05a519ecc code style / php 5.3 compat (Damian Mooyman)
  • 2018-06-01 af89140 broken link in developer docs (#91) (Raissa North)
  • 2018-06-01 c5205ecc Ensure errorpage is built in live mode (Damian Mooyman)
  • 2018-06-01 2756d60da Prevent stage querystring args during dev/build (Damian Mooyman)
  • 2018-06-01 60a98be broken links in developer docs (Raissa North)
  • 2018-05-29 1cbf27e0f PHP 5.3 compat for referencing $this in closure, and make method public for same reason (Robbie Averill)
  • 2018-05-23 b6dbae8b Make RedirectorPage::Link compatible with SiteTree::Link (Daniel Hensby)
  • 2018-05-09 8f363d6 Remove unnecessary translation of parameterised field value (Raissa North)
  • 2018-04-20 b4943fb Automatically create default SiteTree records for new subsites (Robbie Averill)
  • 2018-04-17 af3a9f3ec Duplicating many_many relationships looses the extra fields (fixes #7973) (UndefinedOffset)
  • 2018-03-23 f7ffb70 Use userforms template for member list field, fixes display rule issue (Robbie Averill)
  • 2018-03-20 ebd3fb652 Don't auto-generate indexes for Text field types (fixes #7900) (Loz Calver)
  • 2018-03-15 61ce4771f ing HTMLEditorField API documentation (3Dgoo)
  • 2018-03-15 d17d93f7 Remove SearchForm results() function from allowed_actions (Steve Dixon)
  • 2018-03-14 97f22cbaa ing FormAction API documentation (3Dgoo)
  • 2018-03-01 6523d7a6e ing HTMLEditorField API documentation (3Dgoo)
  • 2018-02-27 c755f7728 indentation (Aaron Carlino)
  • 2018-02-21 0ce8b95 Escape dollar signs in UserForm contents before inserting them with regex (#723) (Scott Hutchinson)
  • 2018-02-16 86addea1d Split HTML manipulation to onadd, so elements are not accidentally duplicated (Christopher Joe)
  • 2018-02-13 c767e472d DataObject singleton creation (Jonathon Menz)
  • 2017-12-21 b58f6d0 (travis) remove php 5.3 from Travis config as it's no longer supported (Stephen McMahon)
  • 2017-12-21 f6750a9 (Service) ensure run as user is cleared at the end of each runJob (Stephen McMahon)
  • 2017-12-01 74a3ba54a count size of $relations (Daniel Hensby)
  • 2017-11-29 2717f0134 link to wiki (JorisDebonnet)
  • 2017-08-08 1a4a006d0 PDOConnector ssl_cipher bug fixes #7258 (John)
  • 2017-04-12 8999f70ac ing broken search in SecurityAdmin Groups field (Sean Harvey)
  • 2017-02-03 3679cb7 Ensure QueuedJob health check doesn't kill long running review jobs (Jake Bentvelzen)
  • 2017-01-31 e302c4e Fixed ambiguous column crash caused when publishing a versioned object if the query is joined against another table (UndefinedOffset)

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