This release includes a single bugfix to the userforms module, incrementing it from 4.2.0 to 4.2.1. Agencies should upgrade if they rely on the userforms module and have previously upgraded to recipe 1.5.0.

Upgrading Instructions

In order to update an existing site to use the new basic recipe the following changes to your composer.json can be made. Only the cwp/cwp-recipe-basic module needs to be upgraded.

"require": {
    "cwp/cwp-recipe-basic": "~1.5.1@stable",


Known issues

In recipe 1.5.0 there are the following known issues in these failing tests:


Accepted failing tests

In recipe 1.4.1 these module unit tests cause external errors, but do not represent legitimate issues.


  • UploadFieldTest.testAllowedExtensions — Behaviour intentionally altered by the MimeValidator module
  • UploadFieldTest.testSelect — Behaviour altered by SelectUploadField intentionally
  • UploadTest.testUploadTarGzFileTwiceAppendsNumber — This test is now expected to fail as the new MimeValidator module will no longer allow random content to be uploaded with a mismatched mime and file extension. The original test is attempting to upload a bunch of text as a gzip file.


  • QueuedJobsTest.testImmediateQueuedJob - Test self-aborts when detecting lack of available system resources (inconclusive).
  • QueuedJobsTest.testStartJob - Test self-aborts when detecting lack of available system resources (inconclusive).


Change Log


  • 2016-12-13 b047a14 Fix issue with UserFormsCheckboxSetField (Damian Mooyman)

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