This release tracks the Framework release 3.1.8 and fixes some module bugs. The highlights are:

  • CMS re-authentication to allow expired sessions to be restored without having to reload the CMS.
  • Improvements to performance of large updates in the fulltext search module, as well as improvements in compatibility for Solr 4.0.
  • Improved user interface for the taxonomy module. Now rather than managing taxonomy terms via a flat table, an expandable hierarchical tool will enable multi-selection of nested taxonomy terms.

Please see the changelogs for these following releases for the list of core changes since recipe 1.0.4



  • [CWPBUG-126] Grid-field view of pages - filter bug
  • [CWPBUG-133] Trying to sort ReportsAdmin GridField header returns 404
  • [CWPBUG-149] Performance of long-running Solr update jobs
  • [CWPBUG-162] Deprecation issue in fulltextsearch module
  • [CWPBUG-169] fulltextsearch module breaking functional tests
  • [CWPBUG-187] .ico mimetype doesn't match FileInfo extension
  • [CWPBUG-189] Files with capitalised extensions fail validation
  • [PLAT-105] Apply "date filter" to files search


  • [ORB-3] Taxonomy terms can be maintained via a hierarchical selection tool within the CMS
  • [ORB-4] As a Content Author I can re-authenticate when my session times out without losing my current CMS state

Accepted failing tests


  • CMSProfileControllerTest.testMemberCantEditAnother — Problem with Requirements combining the same file twice, non-critical Framework issue.
  • UploadTest.testUploadTarGzFileTwiceAppendsNumber — This test is now expected to fail as the new MimeValidator module will no longer allow random content to be uploaded with a mismatched mime and file extension. The original test is attempting to upload a bunch of text as a gzip file.
  • i18nTextCollectorTest.testCollectFromThemesTemplates — Caused by global state, passes locally when the test is run individually.
  • RequirementsTest.testCommentedOutScriptTagIsIgnored - Test passes locally when run in isolation


  • CMSMainTest.testCreationOfTopLevelPage — Problem with Requirements combining the same file twice. Non-critical Framework issue.


  • QueuedJobsTest.testStartJob — Caused by global state, passes locally when the test is run individually.
  • QueuedJobsTest.testImmediateQueuedJob — Caused by global state, passes locally when run either individually or as a part of all queuedjobs tests.


  • VersionFeedFunctionalTest.testContainsChangesForPageOnly — Caused by global state, tests are passing locally, in travis, and via manual testing. Unable to reproduce error.

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