On all pages of a CWP site, there is some text in the footer of the page. e.g. "Last modified: 1st April 2014".

If you are using the CWP Starter or Wātea themes, the PageUtilities.ss template will include LastEdited.ss. It uses the $LastEdited template variable for this date and is defined in LastModified.ss.

If you're viewing the draft version of a page (e.g. preview of page while editing in the CMS), the "Last modified" date will be the date the draft was last saved.

If viewing the published page as a website visitor, it'll be the last edited date of the published page. If you're using workflow on your site and the page was scheduled to be published at a later date, the "Last modified" date will become the date the page is published on that scheduled date.

Disabling the toolbar

Each page in the CMS will have an option in the Settings tab to hide the "page utilities".

In the CWP Starter and Wātea themes this is the footer bar which contains both the last modified date and the export and share links.

You can add conditions around the $ShowPageUtilities variable in your page templates to control this behaviour, for example:

<% if not $ShowPageUtilities %>
    <p>Only displayed when "page utilities" is disabled.</p>
<% end_if %>

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