When first starting with a CWP project you may find it useful to install some sample data. The cwp/cwp module comes with a task you can run which will install some pre-defined sample data such as page content and a "contact us" userform.

Running the task

You can run the task either from your browser, or from the command line.

From a browser:


From the command line:

php framework/cli-script.php dev/tasks/PopulateThemeSampleDataTask

Take a look at the task's source code to see what it creates.

The "framework-test" module

An option for testing a number of features (including form fields, sample member data, etc) of the SilverStripe CMS in your theme and/or with the modules you've installed is to use the silverstripe/frameworktest module. This can be installed with Composer:

composer require silverstripe/frameworktest

Please see the module's documentation for information on how to configure and use it.

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