The below relates to the use of a GitLab CWP hosted repository. If you have migrated to a GitHub Git repository, please refer to the GitHub documentation.

In Gitlab, a Project is also considered to be a repository.

Create a new one by clicking the New Project button in the Gitlab Dashboard.

Gitlab New Project button on dashboard

Assigning access to the project

The Team tab in your project view in Gitlab allows you to add new team members, import an entire team of other users to the project, or modify existing team member permissions to the project.

Gitlab Team tab for changing project access

There are different levels of access a user can have to your project. Gitlab permissions help has more information on the levels of permission you can give users.

Making the project public

Unless you don't want others to see it, you can create your project public by going to Edit tab while viewing your project in Gitlab and checking the Public clone access checkbox.

This will mean anyone can git checkout your project.

It will also be listed on the Gitlab Public Projects list.

Setting public access in project settings

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