By default, CMS editors will only be able to upload a file with an extension in the File.allowed_extensions config setting.

CMS editors can see the current extensions allowed by going into the CMS "Files" section, hitting the "Upload" button and clicking "Show allowed extensions".

To allow someone to upload a file extension that does not appear in this list, you will need to add some code to support this. In this example, we'll allow files with the .sspak extension to be uploaded.

In your mysite/_config/config.yml file, add the following to register the new extension:

    - 'sspak'

Additionally, you will need to add the MIME type of .sspak files into the HTTP.MimeTypes config setting, as uploads will have extra checks to ensure the file content matches the uploaded extension, and that's done using the MIME type.

To find the MIME type of the file, first locate an example of an .sspak file, and run the following command line utility to get the MIME type:

file -i /path/to/my/file.sspak

Note: OS X requires the argument -i in the above example to be -I instead.

The output will be something like this:

file.sspak: application/x-tar; charset=binary

You'll want the application/x-tar part in the output. Given that, once again open mysite/_config/config.yml and add the following to register the new MIME type:

    'sspak': 'application/x-tar'

This will globally allow the new extension to be uploaded, this covers all instances of UploadField used in the CMS, as well as the frontend of your website.

For reference, a MIME type list can be found on the IANA website.

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