The SilverStripe Fluent module allows you to create and edit multiple pages in various languages or locales within languages. This module also adds the ability for your users to select which language of a page they wish to view.

The SilverStripe Fluent module does not translate content automatically, content authors will need to enter the translated content manually for each translated page.


The Fluent module is already included as part of the CWP installer and the CWP Starter and Wātea themes are set up to switch between different languages.

To set up new locales in the CMS, navigate to the "Locales" tab and start creating new locales. You can switch between locale contexts using the dropdown menu in the top left corner at any time, and pages edited in the selected locale will be saved for that locale.

You can also define inheritance for locales, meaning content that isn't modified at a certain locale can be inherited from the "fallback locale".

For more information on using Fluent, please see the module documentation.


The Fluent module (like other modules like Subsites and Translatable) modifies the SQL queries that SilverStripe performs. On occasions this could cause unintended side effects. If you need to perform an action within a certain locale, or without a locale, you can pass a callback into FluentState::singleton()->withState() to perform a function in isolation.

It is also recommended to use the SilverStripe ORM wherever possible and avoid writing manual SQL queries.

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