The CWP basic recipe includes a module that provides a data management interface to open up data sets stored in your website database to users. Users can search, drill down into information and download a CSV copy of the data for reuse.

The SilverStripe CMS module used to provide this feature is the silverstripe/registry module.

This feature is not enabled by default in the CWP recipe and must be enabled by a developer first before a CMS user can use it (See the user documentation).

Enabling the data registry

Sets of data that can be displayed are based on the DataObject class. To enable any of your DataObject subclasses to be exposed via a Registry Page in the CMS you need to implement an abstract PHP class and ensure you implement the required abstract method, getSearchFields(). This allows your set of data to be shown publicly and defines which fields are visible and can be searched on by users.

See the Registry module technical documentation for implementation details and code examples.

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