For comprehensive implementation details, please view the full API specification.


In order to gain access to the API, you will need to request an API token via the Service Desk. Once you have it, you should test your access with the /naut/meta endpoint, to ensure your credentials and headers are validating correctly.

Example - getting a snapshot

  • GET /naut/project/{project} to obtain information about the environments that your stack has. From this, select your environment name.
  • POST to /naut/project/{project}/snapshots with your environment name and snapshot mode (all/assets/db). This call will return a 202 HTTP response and a link to the transfer - the process that is creating the snapshot.
  • GET /naut/project/{project}/snapshots/transfers/{transfer_id} to check on the status of your snapshot. Once it is complete, a link to the snapshot will be available.
  • GET /naut/project/{project}/snapshots/{snapshot_id} to obtain information about the snapshot, including the download link.
  • Use WGET or CURL to download the snapshot file in SSPAK format.
  • Optional - DELETE /naut/project/{project}/snapshots/{snapshot_id} to free up space for other snapshots.

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