You can mark other pages as related to a page from the Related Pages tab. A website visitor can view a list of these related pages on the page. Start typing the page name in the search field as shown below and search results will appear in a dropdown. Select the page name and click the Link Existing button to link it as a related page.

Linking related pages

Check Allow Drag and Drop to allow dragging the rows up and down which affect the order these related pages appear on the website.


These have been added in addition to the creating and editing content (external link)  capabilities.

The majority of the content on the website is edited by using the rich text editor (by default this is TinyMCE). Most of the features of the editor are detailed in the "Formatting content" section of the creating and editing content (external link)  page of the SilverStripe User Help (external link)  site, however a number of features have been added for CWP.

Subscript and superscript

Subscript and superscript buttons

Use the subscript and superscript buttons when you wish to add footnotes. Note that this text can also be linked, potentially to an anchor at the bottom of the page containing the actual footnote.

Remove formatting

Remove formatting button

Use the remove formatting button to remove formatting from the selected text. This doesn't remove structural formatting (eg heading levels, paragraphs), only visual formatting (eg bold, italic).

Add template

Add template button

Add pre-existing templates of content by clicking on the template button. The CWP default site doesn't come with templates, but you can ask your development agency to set up templates for you to use.

Citation and abbreviation

Citation and abbreviation buttons

The citation and abbreviation buttons work in exactly the same way but for slightly different effect. By selecting text and then clicking on them you will be able to enter in a citation or abbreviation explanation. Type the explanation in the "Title" field and click on "Insert" - when the user hovers over the text on the website they will get a small popup displaying the text you entered. There will usually be an indication to the user that this information is available, dependent on the way your development agency has built your site.

Insert and delete

Insert and delete buttons

The insertion and deletion buttons give you the capability to show to the user that certain text has been inserted or deleted. Select the text that you wish to highlight and click the relevant button. A popup will come up that will allow you to specify some optional parameters. Click Update to proceed.

To remove the insertion or deletion markup, position the cursor within the word and press the relevant editor button. You will then be able to press the Remove button to remove the markup.



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